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"May the Force be with You!"

This page contains the story of my being assaulted and what has happened since then.

On June 3, 1993 I was at the beach down at Surfside, Texas on vacation, It was late in the morning on a Thursday when a car went by slowly then turned around and came back and stopped by where I was sitting.  Two young guys got out and asked if I could spare them a beer.   Being a nice guy I told them yes, I gave them a beer each.  Then we sat down and rapped for about 30 to 45 minutes when they asked for another beer.  I got up and got three beers ( two for them and one for myself) and gave them to them, while saying that was all I could spare.  That's all I remember, they left me for dead, sitting in my chaise lounge with a can of beer in my hand.
    A beach worker found me a couple of hour’s later, unconscious and bleeding from the head. He called the sheriff and an ambulance and they took me to Brazosport hospital in Lake Jackson, Texas. They did a cat scan there and had life flight come and get me and take me to Hermann hospital in Houston, Texas where they did the surgery. It ended up being 2 punctures and seven fractures of the skull. One of the punctures was big enough for the doctors to put their fingers through and touch my brain.( I found out later that I had been hit with a pair of bolt cutters.)   I ended up totally paralyzed from the neck down on my right side and from the waist down on the left. I spent six days at Hermann and then transferred to Memorial City Rehab Hospital on N. Gessner in Houston. I spent the next three months there as an inpatient. Then started outpatient therapy, I went there for about a year then started going to TIRR ( The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research) in Houston, as an outpatient.

    Well after a little over six years I’m still using a walker to get around and I have to use a left footed gas pedal to drive my truck (my left leg has quite a bit more movement then my right does). But what can you say, "SHIT HAPPENS".

    They caught the two guys that did it, but they each say the other did it. One of them (Speedy) has gone to trial twice, the first one ended in a mistrial cause one of the jurors found out her sister-in-law had passed away after they had started deliberating and Judge Gayle had to dismiss her. According to Texas law, if twelve jurors get the charges from the judge twelve of them have to deliver the verdict so Judge Gayle had to declare it a mistrial. The retrial was in March of this year, and he was found not guilty, I guess the jury believed the other one did it. I really believed that this guy had done it so I was just sitting there in a state of shock along with all the D.A.’s staff (and I found out later even Judge Gayle couldn’t believe the verdict that jury brought back) when the guy came over to where I was sitting. With tears in his eyes and said he was sorry about what had happened to me, and no one had the right to do that to someone else, but he didn’t do it, and he would be there to testify against the other guy when his trial comes up. That’s scheduled for November 2, 1998 so I’ll update this page after the next trial( if it is not rescheduled again).


UPDATE: 10/27/98

I talked with Keith Allen the asst. D.A. who is handling the case that was supposed to go to trial next Monday. He said the case had been taken off the trial docket because Steven Michael Correia is scheduled to enter a plea of guilty of aggravated robbery, in the assault of Gary R--------, on November 20, 1998 in exchange for a ten-year sentence.

Well ten years is not enough but its better than going through another trial and facing the chance that the jury might feel sorry for him (like they did for Speedy at his trail) and bring back a not guilty verdict. After five and a half years it looks like there might finally be some closure to this assault. I will keep you informed of any new developments in this case.


UPDATE: 11/21/98

Yesterday I went down to the Brazoria County Courthouse in Angleton to hear Steven Michael Correia enter his plea.  He plead guilty to the charge of "Theft from a person" and he was sentenced to ten years in the Texas prison system, he was credited with two years that he has already served.  At least that will keep him from being able to do it to someone else for the next 4 to 8 years.


UPDATE: 9/28/00

I just wanted to let everyone know how I am doing now. My physical condition has not changed much, I still have to use my walker all the time. I have been attending Houston Community College for about the last year and a half, I'm in the last semester for a Certificate in Desktop Video and Animation. I have really enjoyed going back to school and have been learning a lot of computer programs.


UPDATE: 08/01/16

I can't believe it has been over 23 years since I was assaulted and it has been 16 years since I updated this page.

A lot has happened since then. In the fall of 2000 I started working part time at HCCS at the West Loop campus in Houston, Texas in what is now the Digicom department as a lab assistant, helping the students with their projects in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Dreamweaver, and various other programs. I really enjoyed working there with all the students of all ages, from 17 to 85 years old. Then in the fall of 2010 a new department head took over the department and wanted all young girls as lab assistants so needless to say I didn't meet his requirements and was laid-off. I tried to find another job after that but no one wanted to hire a middle aged handicapped former beach bum hippie so I went back to living on Social security disability and a small pension I was receiving from The Grocer Supply Company in Houston Texas, the company I had worked for when I was hurt in 1993, I went back to work in the spring of 1994. The warehouse management didn’t really want me to come back to work, because I had to use a walker, so they made it very hard on me, they cut my pay and were hiring people off the street with no skill to work in my department, Inventory Control, and paying them a couple dollars more an hour than they were paying me even though I had about ten years’ experience in Inventory Control. I held out until May of 1996 and then medically retired and started collect a little monthly pension.

In August 2013 still using my walker I fell when I was going into my bedroom to go to bed, my roommate came in and helped be get up and into my bed, I got up the next morning and besides being a little sore but felt ok until about a week later when my right elbow started hurting to much for me to use my walker so I had to go to the ER where they x-rayed my elbow and said in was fractured and badly infected and they kept me in the hospital on IV antibiotics then transferred  me to ManorCare nursing facility and kept me there for about 3 or 4 weeks, then sent me home.

I used a wheelchair when I got home, just using the walker to transfer when I went to the bathroom or to bed. Then one day in December of 2013 I got up one morning and was  having trouble breathing and went to the ER again the found out that I had Pneumonia so I stayed in the hospital again for a week or so all the time lying in bed, They wanted to send me back to ManorCare but I wanted to go home so I had my sister come get me and take mw home where my roommates helped me out of the car and into my wheelchair, well everything went ok for a couple hours until I had to go to the bathroom and found out I couldn't get out of the wheelchair by myself so I had to go back to the hospital again and wait for them to transfer back to ManorCare where I stayed until my 100 days skilled nursing care provided by Medicare ran out and I had to fine a place real quick that took Medicaid pending. My sister and her daughter knew one of the nurses at Navasota Nursing and Rehab and she told them to bring me up here so the next day my sister loaded me in her car and drove me about 60 miles north of Houston to Navasota Texas. I have been here ever since about March 1, 2014.



I asked the assistant D.A. if I could get a copy of some of the pictures that they had taken at the beach and at the hospital.  I must warn you that these pictures are pretty graphic but that's what happens when you get hit in the head with a pair of bolt cutters.  




I was sitting at the beach enjoying the sun and surf.


This is the chair that they left me sitting in holding a can of beer in my hand.


This was me at Brazosport Hospital about four hours after it happened.

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